Saturday, March 29, 2014

Excerpt from Martin - Free Novella

excerpt from  Martin - Free Novella
Martin leaned forward to rev his bike impatiently. He needed to time this right. He watched anxiously as Olivias date finally stood to leave. Martin jumped on the chance and rode his motorcycle across the street. He stopped it right in front of a very surprised Olivia.
Mon dieu!Olivia exclaimed. She put her hand on her heart, pulling her blouse taut against her breasts.
Martin revved the engine once then turned it off. He kicked the stand and dismounted the bike in one smooth move. He stepped towards Olivia, offering his hand.
Im Martin, you must be Analisas friend.He flashed his best smile.
Olivia was star struck for a moment. Martin was beautiful. He had wavy black hair and a chiseled jaw. His handshake was firm but the skin was soft. For the very first time in her life Olivia wondered what that would feel like on her body.
Oh. Yes. Olivia. My name is Olivia.she blushed.But Analisa left.Olivia pointed over her shoulder in the direction that Analisa took.
Martin smiled again. He liked the way Olivia couldnt quite make eye contact.Analisa had a fight with me. I think there is no more me and Analisa.He was still holding Olivias hand. It was small in his. Soft and warm.But I promised to come meet you and your boyfriend. Did I miss him?
Olivia laughed nervously.Boyfriend, no. Just a date.She looked up at Martin finally and smiled.I think he went home to his mother.
Well,Martin was nice to meet you.He slowly reached for his helmet.
Wait!Olivia surprised herself and blushed furiously.Can you stay for a drink?
Martin nodded and shook his hair out. Olivia had a sudden urge to pull his head towards her breasts. She blushed again and giggled slightly. They sat and had a glass of wine and then a light snack. Martin talked about his mother and younger sister in Northern France. They live just near the German border. He had met his father only twice. Once when he was a little boy, the man lived with them for a few months. Martin noted wryly that was likely when his sister was conceived. The last time he saw his father was in Stuttgart. Martin tracked him down to find that he was a successful businessman with wife and family. The man coolly disavowed any knowledge of Martins mother and the two children he produced with her. Yet since the visit a regular stipend of money was transferred to his mothers bank account.
Olivia watched Martins face. He looked up in surprise.I dont think Ive ever told anyone that.He shrugged deliberately to get the memory off of him.
How old is your sister?Olivia asked gently. She was mysteriously drawn to Martin. His confession made him seem vulnerable, accessible.
Shes 22.Martins face exploded in to a grin.Very sweet. She has all of the good qualities of my mother.He frowned slightly.You remind me of her.
They sipped their wine quietly for a moment.Do you live nearby?Martin knew exactly where she lived. He followed her home after the last date. Just out of sight. Just to watch her.
I live in the 19th with my father.Olivia looked at her watch.Merde!She jumped up suddenly.I have to go.
Martin stood.Oh.He didnt want her to leave.Stay for one more? Or a coffee?
No,Olivia looked worried.I must go check on Papa.She hesitated for a moment.This was nice.
Yes.Martin nodded.Lets meet again? Tomorrow?He was unusually eager. It was rare that he had to pursue a woman.
Olivia gathered her things quickly.Yes. No. Not tomorrow,she was flustered.I mean, soon, yes. I really must go.
Well meet back here?Martin called out hopefully. Olivia was almost sprinting to the Metro Station. He thought he saw her nod and wave.