Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FREE. People like free, right?

I've written a free chapter called Martin.

Martin is a prequel to the Branche Olive trilogy, setting the stage for the world we discover in Fleur de Lis. Martin’s story reveals the contrasting misogynistic and Madonna complexes that dominate his relationships. As a bastard child he struggled without a male role model, giving him an unbalanced view of women. This shortcoming is at the core of all of Martin’s encounters. When he meets Olivia he tries desperately to break free of his old habits and establish a real relationship.

Martin is a standalone chapter. It can be read before or after Fleur de Lis and the Branche Olive Trilogy. Loyal readers will remember Martin and gain insight in to his life with Olivia before she meets Henry. For newcomers to the series this chapter will give you an emotionally fraught introduction to the Branche Olive trilogy.

You can read/download Martin from my site:  http://www.branche-olive.com/free.htm

...as well as Goodreads, Smashwords and Amazon.  We're trying to get the silly $0.99 price at Amazon dropped.

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